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Feel free to contact me by whatever means work for you if you have questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to plot with me. I don't bite. /o/ Contact info can be found in numerous locations, and PMs are also fine. It doesn't matter if I've played with you before or not, if I'm in a game with you or not, go ahead and hit me up!

AIM: Platinum Ryou
E-mail: nightcrossed[at]gmail[dot]com
Plurk: circadia
DW: [personal profile] ellana
Skype: Ask me for it!

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Currently homeless; Asch [distinguished as "Claimy"] will retain his game memories in memes and dressing rooms.

Any distinguishing features/possessions? Longer than normal hair, no gel. Chest wound scars. He's in possession of the Maestro Sword despite having memories through Eldrant (the sword itself is a copy). Also in possession of a Legion flight ring, along with various notebooks.

Any distinguishing skills? Can operate some (not all!) space vehicles; has knowledge of alternate dimensions, time/space phenomena, and the existence of other worlds, galaxies, and universes; largely unaffected by strange occurrences, unusual technology, talking doors, foreign food, etc.

It's not immediately obvious, but this Asch is also more likely to take action if he perceives a threat to one of the party members or another person from Auldrant.

List of Recurring CR (memes & dressing rooms) )
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Full Name: Asch the Bloody (formerly "Luke fon Fabre")
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Canon point: Eldrant; after facing off against the Oracle soldiers, before death.
Age: ~20
Appearance/PB: [ LINK 01 ] [ LINK 02 ]

Asch stands at 171 cm (about 5' 7") and weighs 68 kgs (about 150 lbs), making him somewhat on the short side. He has long red hair that darkens near the ends to a burgandy color which he slicks back out of his face and green eyes beneath eyebrows that are nearly always drawn together in a frown. Asch wears his Maestro Robe at pretty much all times and carries a Maestro Sword at his left side. The uniform is in shades of black and gray with a red heart-like insignia printed on the front and reverse of his robes and lighter gray ones on his gauntlets and boots. Underneath the robes there's another layer of clothes with a belt and buckles to hold the robes and the rest of the ensemble in place. Basically every inch of him's covered and protected except for his face.

Appearance upon arrival: The same, only his bangs are falling into his face as opposed to gelled back and his hair is longer than usual. If you happened to catch him shirtless (which you likely won't), he has several scars on his chest and back from old stab wounds.

Previous RP memories: Yes. (Memories from [ profile] gargleblasted; April - November 2010; [ profile] splendorocity; January - August 2011)

Character History:

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Building the Capital of Light (Complete Volume); Disappeared. )

*The notes below were left behind in Splendor for anyone to find.

**All other items, including books, Asch's sword, the ring, the telescope, and any extra clothing have vanished. The room is empty.

Information Network Notes; Discarded in 1115 Brixton Avenue.
- Death is possible in Splendor. Observed case lasted for about 15-20 minutes when the victim woke up again. Condition - disoriented but stable. Not sure this holds for all deaths.
- Locals been known in one (1) case to turn a blind eye to fighting. Unknown reasons.
- Fighting allowed in self-defense.
- Sparring allowed. City seems to be able to sense bloodlust.
- [Rough chart of the night sky in Splendor] Location unknown.
- [Rough maps of Splendor]
- Disappearing District - appeared once, located at edge of forest. Lots of vendors and entertainments.
- Music boxes - seen but lost after arrival in all known cases.

Kimlasca Lanvaldear Plans & Proposals; Discarded in 1115 Brixton Avenue.
- Utilize wasted steam from vents in Baticul as geothermal energy (heat, etc.)
- Electricity/electric lightbulb
- Research into future Albiore models. Enlarged hangar and runway.
- Path connecting Sheridan port to city of Sheridan.
- Lots of monsters from Belkend port to city of Belkend. Install ranger station halfway between to assist travelers.
- Make use of Luke Bridge as a venue for merchants.
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The left column describes what the party was doing. The right column describes what Asch was doing at around the same time.

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Base World: Auldrant [death]
World One: [ profile] gargleblasted [IID]
World Two: [ profile] splendorocity [music box]
World Three:

Alternate One: [ profile] abyss_dressing [worm hole]

Previous Rooms (GB): 3-29 4-10 5-3

Previous Housing (SPL): Alpha District; Sigma Homes; Brixton Avenue 1115

I've actually never transferred RP memories before, so to avoid making anyone uncomfortable or forcing CR, I thought I'd put up a permissions post. Under the cut I've listed all the non-canon characters Asch has previously interacted with. If you happen to play one of these characters, please let me know whether or not it's okay for Asch to recognize them and act on it. Chances are he won't anyway - it's Asch after all - so this is mostly for OOC and future plotting purposes. If you'd rather opt-out, Asch will pretend he's never met them (or, you know, just ignore). The list ranges from people who responded to him over the Guide only once, to people he used to be in regular contact with (and vastly more of the former), so no worries. I promise you won't offend me either way!

List of Previous CR (gargleblasted) )

List of Previous CR (splendorocity) )
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I'm finally going to post all this crap up. These are my interpretations of Asch's CR with his canonmates. Mostly this is just stuff from Tales of the Abyss in one form or another, though I got into Gargleblasted a little bit. I tried to back it up. There is undoubtedly some headcanon mixed in. See what you guys think? If you disagree, it's totally okay! Just get with me and we'll compromise.

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This is more for curiosity's sake: why're you apping in with old history?
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So how similar are Luke and Asch anyway? (SEE THIS)
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How can you tell if Asch thinks of someone as a friend/ally?
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Hyperresonance is what occurs when two seventh fonons interact. It is said to have the ability to create or destroy matter, however, the power itself is too dangerous and unpredictable to use in battle.

Occurs when two hyperresonances interact and is said to be able to neutralize the effects of any fonon. The only person known to perform a second-order hyperresonance is Luke, and he was able to do so only after Asch's power flowed into him. Luke's hyperresonance + Asch's hyperresonance led to the creation of a second-order hyperresonance.


Sidequest Script... cut out unimportant parts. )
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[The call is redirected. A generic recording is played.]


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